One approach is to send in a bunch of unskilled laborers to throw everything into boxes and clear the place out. That’s NOT what we do…

Our promise is to restore your home and personal possessions in a timely manner so you can resume your everyday activities and carry on with your life without undue stress and delay.

Our pack out process is meticulous and detailed. All delicate items are carefully protected before being packaged for transport. All furniture and appliances are wrapped with clean moving blankets, secured with shrink wrap, and NO corners are exposed. We are extremely careful with your belongings!

As your belongings are unloaded at our facility they are isolated to guarantee nothing is misplaced. Professionalism, experience, and compassion are the qualities that set Clean Moves far above the rest. Our team members are trained to maintain awareness as they handle your personal belongings, that this could just as easily have been their own home, their own family and their own property at the center of this disaster.