Sports Equipment Cleaning

hockey-equipmentYour Sports Equipment Not Only Stinks, It Can be Deadly!

While most hockey moms, coaches and athletic directors would like their sports equipment cleaned regularly most don’t. This can result in MRSA methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA (commonly pronounced “mersa”) infections on your players which could have both dire medical and financial repercussions. The NFL is worried about it and you should be too.

Here are a few of the broader points about MRSA.

1. It’s an antibiotic-resistant strain of a regular staph infection. You probably have some concept of a what a staph infection comprises. For the uninitiated, simply, staph bacteria—s. aureus—resides on your skin, harmlessly. Infection only occurs when it infiltrates an open wound (or a surgical incision).

2. It is DISGUSTING. Really. I’m explicitly telling you to not  Don’t do it. Do NOT.

The most common symptoms you’ll see from an MRSA infection are open wounds that don’t heal, and boils on the skin, and abscesses.

3. It’s not just a skin infection, it can create abscesses on your organs, or infect even your bones.

Football and Hockey locker rooms and training facilities are breeding ground.

How Do I Clean My Equipment?

Standard cleaners, even the ones that use Ozone processes are NOT EFFECTIVE in disinfecting MRSA bacteria. But our ESPORTA washers are!

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