Textile Cleaning


In all fires that have restorable property, there will also be restorable textiles such as clothing, bedding, towels, window coverings, tablecloths, etc… These need to be properly cleaned. This is true of residential fires and many commercial fires as well. This type of cleaning is most often done by a restorative dry cleaning company, and there are many of them out there.

Another factor that makes Clean Moves the only true “Full Spectrum Contents Professional” is that we own all of this equipment and do all textile restoration in-house. This is something that no other contents entity or restoration company in Maine is offering, and why not? Textiles are contents too! The advantages are numerous. For example, we are already on site, why not pack out the textiles? The insured has fewer business cards thrown at them, this helps minimize their confusion and there are fewer vendors to deal with. Also, our pricing is considerably less, and isn’t it every adjuster’s job to minimize severity without cutting corners?